Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dante, the party animal.

This is the rough transcript of our conversation:

Me: Hey, what did you do for your birthday?
Dante: I went to church...twice.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dan the Blogger Look-alike

Today I discovered Dan the Blogger's look-alike:


Dan the Blogger look-alike = win

Dan the Blogger look-alike's sideburns = fail!

Friday, February 13, 2009

2008 List of Fail

Here's Dan the Blogger's Top 10 List of Fail for 2008:

1. Quit Russian class after going to a grand total of 2 classes. Let us remember his Facebook status of 12-04-08 after class #1:

2. Parked in the wrong driveway and had his car towed. This cost Dan the Blogger $150 dollars.

3. Payed $300 for a French class that he could have taken for free.

4. "Dante Vazquez removed "Hanging Out" from his interests". Fail.

5. "Dante lost his personal and sick days of 2008 and nobody told him about it". Fail.

6. "The only book I read is the Bible". Fail.

7. Went on a trip to Canada and did not claim his taxes back, losing $40 rather stupidly.

8. Continously showed off his exceptional driving skills: Blocked the whole turning lane on the way to the corporate picnic while his car was stalling, almost crashed with a deer, and failed to break when merging into a street on a snowy day.

9. Still hasn't figured out how to drive stick without stalling the car.

10. Tried to organize a skiing trip before anyone else...everyone else is now skiing/snowboarding blue slopes, Dan the Blogger hasn't even tried it once.

BONUS: Created the "Walking down the road" blog. Walking down the road of failure, because the blog has but two readers and a spambot: good girl.